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Live cells extracts of freshly cut Chicken and of Baby Sprouts of Mung Beans with UV Absorption and Proton NMR spectra.


G. Soundra Pandian*  


Background: This article discloses information related to a recent patent filed by the author on Extracts of freshly cut farm birds and animals.

Objective: The objective was to produce “Liquid-Protein” extracts obtained from live cells of protein rich meat of farmbirds or animals as well as from baby plants of pulses.

Method: Freshly cut meat pieces or sprouts of pulses are put in water and pulse-heated for 30 minutes. The nutritious water extract of these is taken that contains amino-acids/proteins and some signaling chemicals emitted from the stressed live cells.

Results: The heat-stressed animal cells (of Chicken) released Creatine and many other nutrients in the extract along with Guanosine triphosphate/Guanosine diphosphate/ Guanosine monophosphate/ Inosine Mono Phosphate (GTP/GDP/ GMP/IMP) showing a UV absorption peak at 249 nm. This paper analyses the UV -Visual Absorption spectra and proton NMR data for the extracts. It is disclosed that the vegetarian baby plant cells of pulse seeds released (ATP) Adenosine Tri Phosphate (264 nm peak) along with Resveratrol (306 nm peak) but did not produce Creatine and such an extract had side effects.

Conclusion: Cells of birds/animals are similar to those for humans, and the signaling chemicals in the non-vegetarian extract are non-toxic and 100% compatible to humans as compared to plant cell extracts with incompatible chemicals. Since meat-cells manage to “live” for longer than 10 hours with out blood/oxygen supply, by an unclear anaerobic cell respiration involving Creatine and GTP/GDP/GMP/IMP, the extract from these meat cells holds the key for metabolic cell repair for anti-aging of humans.


Proton NMR spectra, UV Absorption spectra, Extract of chicken cells, Extract of Mumg and Kidney beans, Anti Aging, Creatine, IMP, GTP, ATP


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